Practical Computing - April 1980, Volume 3, Issue 4

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Computer crime; new maths chips from Intel
Foxing the PET
A challenge to build - a delight to use
Nascom's latest single board machine
Easy-to-fix Superbrain looks like good value for money
A new integral machine
Commodore database is tailored for business
Memories are made of this
Cover story
The Turing Test
Unable to tell a machine from a person!
Fly high or plummet
Rasing cash for your own micro business
Robots: sense and sensibility
Robotics techniques
Write games for fun, cash and fanmail
Caught in a trap - no turning back
Maze Runner, a game of hand-eye co-ordination for the TRS-80
Eight, yes eight, Basics for Nascom
BLA video link for London?
Round two of the wrestling match with assembly language
Pet & Apple & Tandy
Serious sorting for business
Cost saving application
Software Buyer's Guide
Continuing the terminology gamut with S

Publication Date : April 1980

Publication Contents :

Page Item
14 Sinclair ZX80 - Britain's first complete computer kit [Advert]
27 Research Machines 380Z [Advert]
'What will you do with a 12-year old programmer when he reaches 16?'
31 Superbrain [Advert]
37 Exidy [Advert]
Meet the family...there must be one here for you.
51 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
Mike the boredom killer.
52 Sinclair pocket micro début [News Item]
Clive Sinclair recently demonstrated his new Z80-based personal computer to the Press.
52 Human factor in computer crime [News Item]
Duncan Scot
A serious loophole in the law on computer applications has been revealed by a recent Appeal Court ruling. The three judges decided that a computer print-out alone is not admissible as evidence in criminal trials.
52 UK firm grabs US Cobol business [News Item]
COBOL for microcomputers is finally gaining acceptance and one UK version has become the first to win US Government certification. The product, CIS COBOL, from Micro Focus, has received formal approval in the form of certification by the Federal Compiler Testing Centre.
52 Keen attack on small-scale user market [News Item]
Keen Computers, the Apple II specialist, is finally launching an attack on the small business market with the Commodore PET. Keen's software for the PET will include incomplete record accounting, small business accounts, solicitors accounts and stock control.
53 Around the dealers [News Item]
The business of the Byte Shop, put into receivership in November, has been sold to COMART.
53 New maths chips [News Item]
Intel has introduced two new maths processor chips, the 8231 (fixed-point) and the 8232 (floating-point).
53 Jap challenge to NEB's helping hand [News Item]
A new type of Viewdata system, designed for the international business user, has been developed by Systems Designers (SDL) for Aregon International, the new name for Insac Viewdata. The new system, IVS-3, is a range of international Viewdata systems for business as well as public service systems.
60 A challenge to build - and a delight to use [Review]
Vincent Tseng
Vincent Tseng tests the latest Nascom single-board machine, the Nascom 2.
62 Nascom System 80 [Advert]
We've put together a total you can take it apart
64 Easy-to-fix Superbrain looks like good value for money [Review]
D.B. Watt
D.B. Watt examines a new integral machine from a newcomer to this country, Intertec Data Systems and finds it a comprehensive and flexible package.
67 Commodore database is tailored for business [Review]
Mike McDonald
Mike McDonald assesses Commodore's first thrust into the business software market - the Commodore Business Information System (CBIS).
72 Memories are made of this: a technology and systems review of the state of the art [Article]
M.G. Ayres
M.G. Ayres examines the latest techniques in data storage and makes some informed guesses about the future.
75 Rair Black Box Microcomputer [Advert]
77 The Turing Test [Article]
David Langford
Fiction. Fancy being unable to tell a mere machine from a real person!
80 Fly high or plummet [Article]
Duncan Scot
With banks looking to make a tenfold return on venture capital, is now the time to start your own micro business?
86 Robots: sense & sensibilty [Article]
Mark Witowski
Part 3 of Mark Witkowski's robotics series tackles the problem of equipping a machine with the five senses.
88 Sharp MZ-80K [Advert]
95 Write games for fun, cash and fanmail [Article]
George Blank
100 Caught in a trap - no turning back [Type-In Listing]
M.K. Cook
M.K. Cook on Maze Runner, a game of hand-eye co-ordination for the TRS-80.
102 Zenith Data Systems [Advert]
The professionals - Z89 Series Microcomputer, Z11A Series 16-bit computer, WH14 Serial Printer and Z19 'Intelligent' Video Terminal
106 Eight, yes eight, Basics for Nascom: a comparative survey [Article]
Nick Laurie
Nick Laurie helps the newcomer to choose the most suitable of the eight versions of BASIC for his system and his needs.
113 Round Two of the wrestling match with assembly language [Article]
David Peckett
Part two of David Peckett's series, in which he looks at how data is represented in micros, describes more of the architecture of the 6502 and the 8080A, and investigates further instructions.
125 Serious sorting for business [Article]
Mike Lake
Mike Lake on a cost-saving application, 'bubble' sat technique
131 Buyers' Guide Software [Article]
Mike McDonald
145 Maintain the lead with Acorn 6809 [Advert]
163 Glossary [Article]
Continuing the terminology gamut with S

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Creator : IPC Electrical Electronic Press

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