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In this edition of the magazine Practical Computing announce that it has launched its own pages on Prestel - Prestel page number 45631.

Publication Date : May 1980

Publication Contents :

Page Item
10 Sinclair ZX80 - Britain's first complete computer kit [Advert]
19 Superbrain [Advert]
23 Altos Computer Systems - ACS8000 [Advert]
45 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
A whale of a task
46 Fire poses security problem for micros [News Item]
Chubb has introduced a disc box which is designed to store floppy discs in a fire-resistant filing cabinet.
46 Hearing tested with the Pet [News Item]
An automatic audiometer has been interfaced to the Pet and enables anyone employed at a noisy industrial plant to have his hearing tested regularly, the results analysed and compared to previous records held on floppy discs.
46 PO approval for Apple [News Item]
The Apple II has become the first popular microcomputer to be approved by the Post Office for connection to Post Office modems, and is now well on the way to being accepted as a suitable terminal for the Prestel viewdata system.
46 New system [News Item]
Triumph-Adler will launch a 450 system aimed at the home and school markets soon.
47 Challenge to schools [News Item]
Schools were urged to send their pupils to the Challenge of the Chip exhibition at the Science Museum in London. Products from about 60 companies are displayed in 10 sections covering shopping, offices, transport, communications, production and control, education, music, medicine, the home and toys.
47 Memorial lecture [News Item]
A memorial lecture is to be held for the late Dr Christopher Evans, author of the book and television series, the Mighty Micro, on May 29.
47 World's first 6MB floppy drive [News Item]
The OEM division of Burroughs Machines has launched the world's first 6MB floppy disc drive, the MD122.
47 Turing Trust discourse [News Item]
The Turing Trust is calling for a permanent memorial to Alan Turing, the mathematical founder of computing.
47 Copyright protection proposals [News Item]
A London barrister and programmer, Alistair Kelman, has drafted a Bill to give explicit protection to computer software and has started a campaign to have the Bill introduced before Parliament.
48 Flexibility is main virtue of Nascom System 80 [News Item]
Duncan Scot
If there is still any doubt that the market for microcomputers is moving away from the hobbyist and the kit, it will be dispelled by a look at the moves now being made by Nascom to house its Nascom 2, add some new cards and call it the System 80.
49 Butel-Comco Athena [Advert]
51 Feedback [Article]
Reader's letters
55 Strengths of Z-Plus reside in all-round business ability [Review]
Vincent Tseng
Review of Micromation Z-Plus computer
58 UK101 is ideal for hobbyist and kit-builder [Review]
Martin Collins
Review of Compukit UK101 single-board computer.
64 Search for winners is backed by micro [Article]
Rex L. Tingley
Intelligent gambling: An up-to-date account of how the micro might forecast sports results.
71 It's all in the game [Article]
Martin Hayman
Intelligent gambling; Phil Bull, race enthusiast and former maths teacher runs a company called Timeform, which specialises in issuing form notes for runners throughout the country.
72 And then there was light [Article]
John Abbatt
76 Videotex and the micro [Article]
Peter Sommer
Peter Sommer explores the possibilities in interfacing the micro to the viewdata and teletext systems.
80 Why good software is expensive [Article]
Nick Horgan
Nick Horgan looks at the efforts required to make good computer software and why, consequently, it can cost so much.
82 Nascom 2 [Advert]
86 Cobol means business [Article]
John McMillan
For many years Cobol has been the most popular programming language for business computing. PL/1 and, more recently, Pascal have challenged Cobol but so far without success.
90 Communication is problem in programmed control [Article]
Mark Witowski
Part four of Mark Witkowski's Robotics series concerns itself with the programmed control of industrial-style robots and problems of the communication of ideas from the user to the machine.
96 Parallel ports mean faster data transfer [Article]
Tony Cassera
Interfacing printers: Attaching parallel printers to micros can produce problems unless one understands what is involved.
98 All roads lead to ROM [Article]
Julian Allason
ROM and firware: There are two schools of thought about the storage of software: ROM and disc. Julian Allason of Petsoft puts the case for ROM as the emerging medium and investigates the rapidly-growing market for ROM-based software.
102 Conditional jumps and registers under review [Article]
David Peckett
Part three of David Peckett's look at machine code. This month he deals with the instructions for effective practical programs - conditional jumps. He explains more about the hardware of the 6502 and the 8080A and, in particular, the registers.
109 Z-Plus Microcomputer System [Advert]
111 Tandy Forum [Article]
Devoted to the TRS-80 - news and user's tips, queries and comments.
113 Pet Corner [Article]
News and user's tips, queries and comments
117 Apple Pie [Article]
Ideas, hints and comments for Apple users.
120 Towards a COS for Apple II [Article]
Hugh Dobbs
The lack of a cassette operating system for the Apple II is highly restrictive in many situations including the schools and college environment. Hugh Dobbs examines possible solutions to the problem.
124 Buyers' Guide [Article]
Summary of low-cost computers available in the country.
163 Glossary [Article]
Continuing the terminological gamut from S to T

ISSN Number : 0141-5433

Creator : IPC Electrical Electronic Press

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