Practical Computing - September 1980, Volume 3, Issue 9

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Publication Date : September 1980

Publication Contents :

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8 Tandy TRS-80 [Advert]
TRS-80 Model I, TRS-80 Model II and TRS-80 Model I CPUs.
15 Zenith Data Systems Z89 [Advert]
17 Zenith Data Systems Z19 [Advert]
19 Zenith Data Systems WH14 [Advert]
23 'Tuscan' from Transam [Advert]
39 Hewlett-Packard HP-85 [Advert]
43 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
Hopes which never came to fruition.
44 Feedback [Article]
User's letters.
45 Sharp MZ-80 Computer System [Advert]
48 Prestel fails to find expected success [News Item]
The Post Office's projection for its Prestel service seems to have gone badly astray.
48 Human brain still ahead [News Item]
The RCA Corporation Advanced Technology Laboratories has published a table that shows the storage capacity of the human brain is still higher than any other memory device.
48 Survey reveals unknown facts about computing in schools [News Item]
A joint survey by the Council for Educational Technology and the Schools Council suggests that of the schools that have bought and are now using microcomputers, most only have one system.
48 Latest Pet-compatible floppy drive will double on-line data storage [News Item]
A new floppy disc drive which doubles the on-line data storage available on the Commodore Pet to 1.6Mb has been launched by ACT.
48 Fortronic has new system [News Item]
A new British-designed and built development system, the F-500, has been launched by the Scottish-based technology company, Fortronic. The new 6809-based microprocessor system has a wide range of communications facilities.
49 Ascribe has Arabic character capability [News Item]
A new VDU, the Ascribe, is claimed to be the only bilingual VDU both to alter Arabic characters to their correct start/medial/terminator forms automatically and position characters for correct left-to-right or right-to-left addressing.
49 Uncertainty over future of Nascom does not stop new wave of add-ons [News Item]
Despite the problems and confusion still surrounding the future of Nascom, the rash of new add-on peripherals for the popular system seems to be continuing. New peripherals include a tool kit from Bits and PCs for the Nascom 8K Basic, an EPROM board from Interface Components, a combined bubble memory and real-time clock board for the Nascom from Microdata Computers, and the Model 3, a moulded plastic case for the Nascom 1 from Microtype.
49 Literacy for micro is here [News Item]
The slow march towards giving the micro some semblance of human verbal skills takes another step forward with the release of a program called Corrector which detects and corrects spelling mistakes in English text. It is sold by Southdata Ltd for Z-80 CP/M systems with 8-inch disks.
50 Inmos decision [News Item]
After a delay of nearly seven months and much speculation that the project would be cancelled, the Government has finally decided to back Inmos with a further grant of 25 million, making a total investment of 50 million, to build a UK-based plant to produce advanced memory chips.
52 Acorn Atom [Advert]
Colour advert
55 Cash and chip shortages put firms in financial straits [News Item]
Martin Hayman
Martin Hayman assesses the damage the recessionary climate has inflicted on certain firms in the booming micro industry.
56 Stock-control package written to professional standards [Review]
Mike McDonald
We evaluate the stock control package from Anagram Systems running on the Commodore 3032 with Commodore disc drives and printer.
60 Naspen offers word processing at attractively low cost [Review]
Nick Laurie
The low-cost system for Nascom is reviewed.
62 Exorset development system is ideal for high-precision work [Review]
We test the latest development system from the Motorola stable.
66 Challenger interfaces make it a top choice for general use [Review]
Vincent Tseng
Vincent Tseng reviews the Ohio Scientific C4P - a machine with exceptional interfacing capabilities.
68 Entrants to Micromouse maze leave the rat-race behind [Article]
Martin Hayman
The first heats of the Euromicro 80 Micromouse maze contest were held recently at Portsmouth Polytechnic.
70 Personal accounts system to keep your records straight [Type-In Listing]
Bob Williams
Personal money management: This simple program provides a printed record of all your financial transactions for every month and a printout at any time of a summary of past dealings.
74 Identifying that profitable moment for buying currency [Type-In Listing]
S.J. Taylor
Personal money management: A scientific strategy for buying and selling foreign currency, programmed on a micro for the maximum gains by the customer.
78 Complex business decisions simulated on program mode [Type-In Listing]
S.J. Barrett
Personal money management: S.J. Barrett outlines a model for practical decision-making in business and shows how to represent complex decisions with relatively straightforward programming.
81 Petplan offers training in wide area of company skills [Review]
Mike McDonald
A business simulation package, Petplan, written for the Commodore series 3000 microcomputer and marketed for 60 in the U.K. is assessed.
82 Directing a large investment portfolio from his armchair [Article]
Martin Hayman
Personal money management: Alf Rose claims that the micro he uses to manage his sizeable portfolio of investments, not only makes him money but that it paid for itself in the first six months.
84 Micros should supplement textbooks - not replace them [Article]
Rex L. Tingley
What is the role of programmed teaching aids? Using two practical examples, Rex Tingey offers his answer to the question.
88 Rair Black Box Microcomputer [Advert]
Colour advert.
92 Fitting maximum capacity into minimum area [Article]
Mike Hughes
The Transam Tuscan design story: the third part of Mike Hughes' chronicle of computer design in which he shows how, with an injection of instinct, he cured some of the Tuscan's technical headaches.
97 Text Editor: Modification of data files [Type-In Listing]
Tony Edgecombe
A program by Tony Edgecombe for examination and modification of data files.
98 The shape of things to come [Article]
Malcolm Banthorpe
To take full advantage of the remarkable high-resolution graphics facility offered on the Apple II and ITT 2020, Malcolm Banthorpe presents a shape-table compiler which removes the hard work from encoding shapes into a form the computer can store and recognise.
101 Apple Pie [Article]
Ideas, hints and comments for Apple users.
103 Pet Corner [Article]
News and user's tips, queries and comments.
107 ZX-80 Line-up [Article]
Page dedicated to the ZX-80.
109 Tandy Forum [Article]
Devoted to the TRS-80 - news and user's tips, queries and comments.
113 6502 Special [Article]
The 6502 Special is dedicated to the exchange of information between 6502 users.
115 Book Reviews [Review]
'Structured Cobol for data processing' by Norman Lyons, 'Machine language programming from the ground up and the secrets of ROM and RAM' by Hubert S Howe Jr, 'Learning Level II' by David A Lien
118 Buyers' Guide - Printers and VDUs [Article]
134 Son of Hexadecimal Kid [Article]
Richard Forsyth
Fiction:The strange destiny of Hex.
134 Son of Hexadecimal Kid [Article]
Richard Forsyth
Fiction: Page 0 - the base page.
147 The OCL Datapad I [Advert]

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