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Publication Date : June 1981

Publication Contents :

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41 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
Computer chauvinism.
42 Feedback [Article]
User's letters.
46 Micro in each school is Thatcher's pledge [News Item]
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has thrown her weight behind a plan to put a microcomputer in every secondary school by the end of next year.
46 Processor for food industry [News Item]
The company APV has created a new simplified package which uses the Zilog Z-80 microprocessor to control up to 256 items. The system, Accos 25, is designed to assist processing engineers.
46 Research project will test down-loading software [News Item]
Ten schools in Britain will shortly take delivery of special Mullard "intelligent" TV sets for a new educational research project devised by Brighton Polytechnic's computing department. The project sets out to assess the usefulness in the classroom of down-loading software, and to investigate the overall potential of broadcast computer-aided classroom material.
46 ApplePilot is latest instruction language [News Item]
Apple Computers, as part of its current marketing drive in the educational sector, has made available ApplePilot, a specialised computer-assisted instruction language.
47 Raising extra finance [News Item]
Kenneth Baker, Minister for Information Technology, has announced an agreement the Government has made with certain financial institutions in the City, aimed at providing cash for new projects employing microchip technology.
47 BBC's choice of Proton sparks rivals' criticism [News Item]
The Acorn Proton, the micro chosen by the BBC for its TV computer series, has been the object of considerable criticism lately, mainly from the manufacturers of rival microcomputers. Among the most vociferous of these are Bob Gleadow of Commodore and the ZX-80/81 creator Clive Sinclair.
47 Floppy-disc mailer [News Item]
Anyone considering sending software or data through the Royal Mail will be interested in a product from Swan Packaging, a floppy disc mailer incorporates a self-sealing device to speed its progress through the post.
47 Transatlantic co-operation bears fruit with 5000 series [News Item]
The transatlantic co-operation between the US-based microcomputer manufacturers, Dynabyte and the British Metrotech Management technology company has resulted in the Metrotech Dynabyte 5000 family of business microcomputers.
49 Post Office on the line [News Item]
Private organisations should have the freedom to use the British Telecom network to supply services to third parties, says a report published by the Government.
49 'Micromainframe' figures high in Commodore's plans [News Item]
Commodore has released some of its plans for future products including a "micromainframe", a 64K add-in memory for the CBM 8032 and the possibility of an inexpensive single floppy-disc drive for the new Commodore Vic colour computer.
49 Just for your benefit [News Item]
Dr Nigel Gilbert, a young university lecturer at Surrey University, has developed a program, the Welfare Benefit Information Service, which has potentially great use at the heart of Britain's flourishing industry of welfare benefits.
49 New wave of packages joins rising tide of schools software [News Item]
Longmans, the publishing group, has entered the software publishing business with an impressive line-up of educational programs.
50 'You can't beat software pirates', concludes seminar [News Item]
The gloomy prognosis of a recent seminar on computer software protection, titled How to beat the software pirates, is that you cannot. Especially, it seems, if the software medium is cassette.
50 Speakeasy S-100 card [News Item]
Hi-Tech has produced a talking S-100 card, which communicates with human beings in a human language. Incorporating the National Semiconductor Digitalker chip set, the device Speakeasy uses 128K of ROM to store its vocabulary of 144 natural-sounding words.
50 HP-35/83 packages [News Item]
Hewlett-Packard, the manufacturer of the Series 80 range of microcomputers, has announced the introduction of a range of software packages aimed specifically at the business user.
50 Real-life simulations for students of applications programming [News Item]
Feedback Machines, the UK company specialising in providing industry and educational centres with high-technology training aids, has developed a range of modules designed to teach applications programming.
51 The Onyx C8000 Series [Advert]
52 Black Box III Microcomputer Solutions [Advert]
55 Telesoftware: Our 1,000 Prestel pages [Article]
Martin Hayman
A new page devoted to our vastly-expanded Prestel service.
56 There is expert support with Comart CP-100 Communicator [Review]
The CP-100 submitted to a Practical Computing evaluation.
60 Sinclair ZX-81 [Review]
Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes tests the new Sinclair machine and compares it to its predecessor, the ZX-80.
66 Keeping TABS on your business accounting [Article]
Mike McDonald
The Apple II business package.
70 More ROM at the inn [Article]
Hamish Campbell
Pub stock control: The story and programs behind Hamish Campbell's Wheatsheaf Inn crusade.
72 Equinox Computer Systems [Advert]
76 The true value of benchmarks [Article]
Boris Allan
Boris Allan puts the value of these tests into perspective and offers some alternatives.
79 Life at the microevolution's sharp end [Article]
Martin Hayman
Bleasdale Computer Systems is about to start building its own development system. These custom-built machines are intended to evaluate and design operating systems.
81 Computing spreads its wings [Article]
Cathy Lane
Micro computing and air freighting.
84 One family's struggle with a kit system [Article]
Gordon Mitchell
Horizon kit: One family's struggle to build its own micro.
88 New! Sinclair ZX81 Personal Computer [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
93 A micro crossword puzzle [Type-In Listing]
Rex L. Tingley
This month's game.
98 Comal and structured languages leave primitive Basics behind [Article]
Roy Atherton
Education: Comal and structured languages.
102 Tailoring linear techniques to meet your requirements [Article]
S.J. Barrett
SJ Barrett covers the subject whose applications can vary from investment portfolios to transportation problems.
109 Sophisticated display for Pet with a minimum of programming [Article]
Nick Hampshire
Pet graphics: A new series which runs the gumut of display techniques.
111 Transdata's Cx500 Microcomputer Family [Advert]
113 Results of soap-powder survey were a whitewash [Article]
Owen Bishop
Statistics on a micro: Owen Bishop describes the Sign Test.
117 Z-80 Zodiac [Article]
For all users of systems based on the Z-80 chip.
121 ZX-80/81 Line-up [Article]
Page dedicated to the ZX-80 and ZX-81.
125 Tandy Forum [Article]
Devoted to the TRS-80 - news and user's tips, queries and comments.
129 6502 Special [Article]
The 6502 Special is dedicated to the exchange of information between 6502 users.
133 Pet Corner [Article]
News and user's tips, queries and comments.
135 Apple Pie [Article]
Ideas, hints and comments for Apple users.
137 Micromouse [Article]
Page dedicated to anything that moves.
138 Book Reviews [Review]
'Fundamental structures of computer science' by William Wulf, Mary Shaw, Paul Hilfinger and Lawrence Flon, 'The myth of the micro' by Rodney Dale and Ian Williamson, 'Multiprocessors: a comparative study' by M Satyanarayanan.
139 Comart Communicator [Advert]
140 The Acorn Atom [Advert]
Colour advert.
141 Fresh ideas are growing at Altos [Advert]
143 Final step in 6502-to-Z-80 conversion [Article]
David Peckett
The second and final part of David Peckett's 6502-to-Z-80 translator.
148 Buyers' Guide - Printers and VDUs [Article]
169 Son of Hexadecimal Kid [Article]
Richard Forsyth
175 The Sharp MZ-80K has got it all [Advert]
191 Sun ABC 24 & 26 [Advert]

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