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The following is a list of Apple II Games in the Centre for Computing History collection. It is not an exhaustive list of and other games may have been published. If you have any games or software that you would like to donate to our collection, please view our donations page.

There are 31 Apple II Games in our collection :
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Apple Mechanic Date: 1982 Apple Mechanic

Beagle Bros was an American software company that specialized in creating personal computing products, primarily for the Apple II family of computers

Software House: Beagle Bros
Author: Bert Kersey

Battle Zone Date: 1983 Battle Zone

You play as a tank with a 360 degree view of the horizon and a plenty of targets UFOs etc what could possibly go wrong   Platform:  Apple II, II+ or IIe DOS 3

Software House: Atarisoft

Cartels & Cutthroats Date: 1981 Cartels & Cutthroats

A computer game of Business Strategy

Software House: Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI)
Author: Dan Bunten

Centipede Date: 1983 Centipede

A collection of multiplying insects pose different perils to the mushroom patch!   Platform:  Apple II, II+ or IIe DOS 3

Software House: Atarisoft

CIA / Confidential Information Advisors Date: 1980 CIA / Confidential Information Advisors

CIA / Confidential Information Advisors appears to be games software

Software House: Golden Delicious Software Ltd

Colossus Chess 4.0 Date: 1985 Colossus Chess 4.0

Colossus Chess "the best chess playing program for home computers"

Software House: CDS Software Ltd
Author: M P Bryant

Crossword Master Date: 1983 Crossword Master

Crossword Master was a Crossword authoring and solving package for educational and leisure use

Software House: Educational Software Development
Author: Christopher Jones Wida Software

Crypt Of Medea Date: 1983 Crypt Of Medea

Crypt of Medea an adventure video game published for the Apple II by Sir-Tech in 1984 and developed by Arthur Britto and Allan Lamb

Software House: Sir-Tech
Author: Arthur Britto, Allan Lamb

Dig Dug Date: 1983 Dig Dug

Dodging and blasting Pooka's, and dropping rocks on fire breathing Fygars Dig Dug burrows his way through a series of subterranean paths   Platform:  Apple II, II+ or IIe DOS 3

Software House: Atarisoft

Donkey Kong Date: 1983 Donkey Kong

Play as Mario as you attempt to rescue your sweetheart from the clutches of donkey Kong   Platform:  Apple II, II+ or IIe DOS 3

Software House: Atarisoft

Galactic Wars Date: 1981 Galactic Wars

Galaxy Wars is a 1-player space-themed arcade game for the Apple II, comprising a galaxy of the Krillians and the Centrons who have developed a complex technology

Software House: Apple
Author: John P. Schucker and Thomas M. Malinowski

Galaxian Date: 1983 Galaxian

Wave after wave of Drones, Emissaries, Hornets and commanders come winging in from deep space

Software House: Atarisoft

Gremlins Date: 1983 Gremlins

Do not feed after midnight or let near water you were warned now look at the mess you've made

Software House: Atarisoft

Jungle Hunt Date: 1983 Jungle Hunt

You have to swing from tree to tree in order to save your sweetie from savage cannibals planning to eat her

Software House: Atarisoft

Moon Patrol Date: 1983 Moon Patrol

Volunteers wanted for highly dangerous hostile conditions on the moon must have good reflexes good marksmanship and driving skills

Software House: Atarisoft

Movie Maker Date: 1984 Movie Maker

Movie Maker is a computerised animation facility for doing the same thing that animators do by hand, only much faster and without all that work! Our five-member crew will help you draw shapes, combine ...

Software House: Ariolasoft
Author: Electronic Arts

Ms. Pac-Man Date: 1983 Ms. Pac-Man

In the love match of the century Pac-Man and his leading lady the unforgettable MS

Software House: Atarisoft

Pac-Man Date: 1983 Pac-Man

The refinements to the dot chomping lead to high scores as hungry PacMan avoids ambush by voracious goblins

Software House: Atarisoft

Pinball Construction Set Date: 1983 Pinball Construction Set

Pinball Construction Set was a video game by Bill Budge originally published in 1982, through Budge's own company  BudgeCo,  for the Apple II

Software House: Electronic Arts
Author: Bill Budge, Olaf Bubeck

Police Artist Date: 1983 Police Artist

Includes 3 games Police Lineup, Police Artist, Off Duty with 1,048,576 unique faces

Software House: Sir-Tech
Author: Elizabeth Levin

Robotron 2084 Date: January 1985 Robotron 2084

In the year 2084 you are the only hope for humanity as the robots are turning on the humans

Software House: Atarisoft

Sargon II Date: 1979 Sargon II

Computer Chess Program, Apple II Tape version Platform: Apple II 24Kb RAM Cassette Tape Recorder Video Monitor                OS: ?                Application Software (AS:) Games Version: 197

Software House: Hayden Book Company
Author: Dan and Kathe Spracken

Skyfox Date: 1984 Skyfox

The Stunning 3D Combat Program A machine you've got to fly to believe

Software House: Ariolasoft
Author: Ray Tobey

Star Maze Date: 1982 Star Maze

Star Maze is a space-themed shooter taking place in a multidirectional scrolling maze,  written by Canadian programmer Gordon Eastman for the Apple II, based on a design by Robert ...

Software House: Sir-Tech
Author: Gordon Eastman

Star Trek The Promethean Prophecy Date: 1982 Star Trek The Promethean Prophecy

Star Trek The Promethean Prophecy was a text adventure developed by Ron Martinez and Jim Gasperini

Software House: Simon & Schuster Software
Author: Ron Martinez and Jim Gasperini

Stargate Date: 1983 Stargate

Travel across the universe in an attempt to rescue humanoids from other planets

Software House: Atarisoft

Super Zaxxon Date: 1984 Super Zaxxon

Zaxxon was an isometric shooter game, developed by Sega in 1981

Software House: Sega

The Bard's Tale II Date: 1987 The Bard's Tale II

Game software part of The Destiny Knight series where as the Destiny Knight you must assemble a band of adventurers, track down the seven pieces of the Destiny Wand, and defeat the evil Archmage, Lago ...

Software House: Electronic Arts
Author: Mike Cranford, Interplay

Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord Date: 1981 Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

A game of fantasy & adventure "Wizardry is unlike any other game you have played on your APPLE II computer

Software House: Sir-Tech
Author: Andrew Greenberg and Robert Woodhead

Wizardry: Knight Of Diamonds Date: 1982 Wizardry: Knight Of Diamonds

Wizardry  was a series of role-playing video games, written  by Andrew C

Software House: Sir-Tech
Author: Andrew Greenberg and Robert Woodhead

Wizardry: Wiziprint Date: 1983 Wizardry: Wiziprint

Wizardry: Wiziprint is a Character Statistic Printout Program used with Wizardry a series of role-playing video games, developed by Sir-Tech

Software House: Sir-Tech
Author: Andrew Greenberg and Robert Woodhead

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