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1972 [Detail]
 1972 Space Craft Pioneer 10 & 11 use Custom CPU in TTL
 1972 Dennis Ritchie develops the C programming language
 4th January Hewlett-Packard introduces the HP-35 calculator
 6th January ICL support saves Consolidated
 13th January ASC developed by Texas Instruments
 13th January ICL 1900 Series
 13th January IBM 360/65 link for airline reservations
 20th January Honeywell plugs gap in range
 20th January ICL 1904A at Farnborough
 27th January Exports boosted by orders for IBM
 3rd February NCR-CDC
 3rd February SEL's System 8000
 3rd February Univac brings 9380 to UK
 10th February Burroughs launches L7000 range on UK market
 24th February Olivetti DE 523
 24th February Traffic Control
 24th February MDS Network
 9th March 1.3m RAF order for Cossor Terminals
 9th March ICL 1904A
 9th March Codasyl Committee aims to develop 'host' language system
 9th March SITA Network
 13th March Intel introduces the 8008 microprocessor
 16th March IBM 3750 switching system
 16th March Varian 620/L aids research into diagnostic pictures
 23rd March Virtual memory for IBM 370 developed in US
 23rd March Spain and Yugoslavia orders for H6030s
 30th March Burroughs launch more 700 family machines
 6th April Seymour Cray founds Cray Research Inc.
 6th April M-way signals system
 6th April Low-cost computer systems based on Nova1220 and 800 minicomputers
 20th April Univac 6000s to be made in Scotland
 20th April ICL 1906A
 20th April MARS
 27th April Worlds first IBM 370/135 installed in Britain
 27th April ICL 1906S
 27th April NCR Century 101
 27th April Datasaabadds new machines to two ranges
 4th May Ariel
 4th May ICL government deal
 4th May GEC launches larger real time machine
 11th May IBM mark reader for 370's and System 3
 11th May Hewlett-Packard to launch 3000 in Europe
 18th May Barclays gets fiche system
 18th May Honeywell launches Series 700 range in US
 24th May The Magnavox Odyssey, the first video game console, is demonstrated
 25th May Burroughs fills ranks of 700 family
 25th May ICL 4/52
 8th June ICL awarded contract by DTI
 8th June Honeywell applies to trade shares
 8th June French Railways to install Univac 1110
 8th June Digico adds a new member to mini family
 15th June Burroughs win 3m order for B1700's
 15th June Satellite One Model 10 terminal system
 22nd June Plessey Telecommunications provide equipment for PO
 22nd June Dual Honeywell 6060 will aid Irish taxman
 22nd June Dual 6700 installed at national police centre
 25th June Governemnt approval for 2m 370/165 at Darsbury Lab
 29th June Ferranti Argus 500
 29th June Data Logic awarded first governement contract
 29th June Univac 1106s for Hong Kong bank
 29th June Burroughs flat screen terminal
 29th June Flat screen terminal introduced by Burroughs
 6th July ICL Key-Edit System
 6th July Burroughs Launch B1700 Computer
 6th July IBM 370/165 to aid experimental work at Daresbury
 6th July Eastern Electricity orders dual 6060
 13th July Plessey-Nixdorf
 20th July Lowndes-Ajax plans major expansion
 20th July Sigma 6
 20th July IBM 360/30 installation to improve Grasp capability
 20th July Interdata Model 74
 20th July GTE and Software Sciences
 27th July Honeywell's 700 range comes to the UK
 27th July ICL System 4/72
 27th July IBM370/135 240K
 August 1972 Clive Sinclair introduces the first pocket calculator
 3rd August First infra-red data link transmission in the UK
 3rd August ICL 4/70 and the Post Office
 3rd August Addition to the 370 range
 3rd August Surrey plans 1106-based RJE network
 10th August The Future of ICL as a British-controlled going concern
 10th August Memory enhancements to System 370
 10th August NCR's Century range
 10th August Plessey Series 2200 data terminals
 17th August DEC cuts costs with new Systems
 17th August Software consortium wins contract for PRISM
 17th August Development of standard OS to be halted
 17th August Singer System Ten
 24th August GE Time Sharing Service
 24th August IBM move on the System 370
 24th August First UK order for Varian 73
 31st August IBM 370/165 for Glasgow University rejected
 31st August IBM's TSO
 31st August Siemans 4004/45 and the 1972 Olympics
 21st September H-P Satellite System goes to NPL
 21st September Customs start for Honeywell
 28th September MRCA avionics to be controlled by EASAMS
 28th September Grundy buys ICL shareholding
 28th September J. Harwell Data Processing
 28th September Floppy Disc Cartridge launched by IBM
 28th September Interscan 2100
 5th October ICL 1904S
 5th October NCR 399
 12th October ICL 4/50 and 4/70
 12th October 370/125 and OCR reader from IBM
 12th October Lundy's bid for reader market
 19th October Derby Databank based on IBM 370/145
 19th October Logik 750
 19th October ICL 1940A
 26th October ICL 1900
 26th October EML Ltd US memory company set up in UK
 26th October IBM leads the way as state of the art advances
 26th October Burroughs Launch L8000 Range of Computers
 2nd November VAT Control Centre
 2nd November IBM wins 6m bank order
 9th November ICL Datastream
 9th November Fujitsu and Hitachi in joint deal
 9th November IBM's DOS/VS
 9th November NCR 270
 16th November Harland and Wolf to install IBM 370/135
 23rd November Terminal range boosted by Burroughs TC 3500
 23rd November Bankers Automated Clearing Services have Largest computer room in the UK
 23rd November Plessey System 250
 23rd November Marconi Radar Systems Ltd
 29th November Atari introduces Pong
 30th November Stock Exchange plan 8m system
 30th November Texas Instruments's ASC
 7th December Nationwide Building Society order Univac 1110
 7th December UK launch for Burroughs L8000 range
 7th December The Anita DET 3111
 14th December Problems with IBM 370/155 and 370/165
 14th December Clarksons use Univac 9400 computers

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