Popular Computing Weekly Vol 4 No 23 - 6-12 June 1985

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Publication Date : 6th June 1985 to 12th June 1985

Publication Contents :

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1 Sinclair seeks 15 finance and may sell C5 company [News Item]
Sinclair Research has run into financial trouble for the first time in its six year history. It confirmed last week that it hope to raise between 10 million and 15 million from industrial or other sources to rescue the company.
1 Amstrad vies with Atari at Chicago exhibition [News Item]
The computer exhibition at the summer Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago from June 2-5, was the smallest for five years.
1 Dixons to bundle Sinclair TV and Spectrum [News Item]
The high street chain store Dixons is to sell an unusual bundling package featuring the Sinclair Spectrum Plus.
4 Release date for Cauldron from Palace [News Item]
Palace software has, after some delay, named a release date for Cauldron on the Spectrum. The Spectrum version will now be available from June 14, at 7.99.
4 From Hampstead to terror at the seaside [News Item]
The programming duo responsible for Hampstead, Peter Jones and Trevor Lever are now developing Hampstead's follow-up, Terrormolinos.
4 CBM announces more "bundles" [News Item]
Commodore has announced further bundling deals on its products, following the decision to package the Commodore 64 as a "starter" pack with C2N and "International Soccer" (see "Popular Computing Weekly", 30 May).
6 Atari's 520 STs arrive in the UK [News Item]
The first 520 ST machines will reach the shops in limited numbers this month.
6 Spectrums discounted for export market [News Item]
Sinclair manufacturer Timex has apparently been selling Spectrums itself for export through Cheshire based Zeta Services.
6 Amstrad light pen from DK [News Item]
DK'Tronics has announced a lightpen for the Amstrad, designed by ex-Currah employee Mark Anson and Graham Pointer.
11 Street Life - Man of letters - Interview with Robin Thompson of Tasman Software [Interview]
John Cook
My guess is that until recently, you could split home computer owners into two main groups: Buffs and Game Players.
17 Hardware Review - Enterprise 128 [Review]
John Cochrane
The Enterprise 64 finally appeared just before last Christmas priced at 250 (reviewed Vol 4 No 1), and was received cautiously by all. In terms of specifications the Enterprise is difficult to fault offering very good screen display capabilities, good sound and an advanced though very slow Basic.
18 Star Game - Amstrad - Invasion: The fate of the Earth lies in your hands - can you thwart the Zygontian Invasion? [Type-In Listing]
D. L. Lau
There are three phases to this game. First you must shoot down the Aliens as they swoop towards your space craft. After this you must face the Command ship. Finally, in Phase Three, you dock with your Mothership.
21 Going for a song - sing-a-long with this music-making program for the Spectrum 48K [Type-In Listing]
John De Rivaz
Music notation is not particularly easy to master, and indeed evolved for instruments very different to the Spectrum's Beep. However, all the Beep need to be told is the frequency of the note and its duration.
24 Equitable solutions - a powerful equation solver for the Sinclair QL [Type-In Listing]
Jeff Tope
If you have ever sat down and tried to solve an equation, or a set of simultaneous equations, then this program might be what you wanted.
27 An unbroken run - a short assembly language routine to disable the Break key on the BBC B [Type-In Listing]
Joe Pritchard
It is well known that the Break key can be partially disabled on the BBC computer by the *Key 10 command. In this short routine I present a possible solution to the problem of Control / Break being used to stop a running Basic program.
28 Lost and found - retrieve those bad loads on the Commodore 64 with this useful routine [Type-In Listing]
Geoff Hato
When using Basic, typing the word New doesn't actually erase the current text in memory, it just resets some system pointers. It would be nice to have an Old command which would recover this text.
46 Ziggurat - Political leanings [Article]
John Minson
Have you questioned the politics of your micro recently? No, not the Party Politics (capital "P") of the true blue, Tory BBC; the socialist Amstrad (a monitor for everyman); or the SDP Spectrum (a little of each political colour). I mean the more oblique political leanings of those innocuous little boxes and their sub-culture of paraphernalia and peripherals.

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