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Searching Interface

Your search for 'Interface' returned the following items...

Item Type Date
Alfred the Robot Arm Peripheral  1984 
Alphacom 32 Line Printer Printer  Unknown 
Alphatronic PC Computer  1984 
Alsystems Power-tec SCSI Host Adapter Peripheral  1996 
Amber 2400 Dot Matrix Printer Manual  1982 
Amiga 500 Series II A500-HD8+ Hard Drive Impact Series H Peripheral  1991 
Amino AmiNET 103 Computer  2009 
Amino Freedom Computer  2010 
Amstrad Centronics/Parallel RS232 Serial Interface for PCW 8256 Peripheral  1985 
Amstrad CPS8256 Interfaces User Instructions Manual  1985 
Amstrad DDI-1 / FD-1 Peripheral  Unknown 
Amstrad DDI-1 Disc Drive & Interface User Instructions Manual  1964 
Amstrad DDI-1 User Instructions Book  1984 
Amstrad PC2086 S Computer  1988 
Amstrad PC2086/30 Computer  1988 
Amstrad PenPad PDA600 PDA  1993 
Amstrad RS232C Serial Interface Peripheral  Unknown 
Anamartic Wafer Stack Peripheral  1982 
Anamartic Wafer-Scale 160MB Solid State Disk Peripheral  26 Oct 1989 
Anderson Jacobson A211 Acoustic Coupler Peripheral  1967 
ANT 10base2 Network Interface Peripheral  1994 
ANT Combo Ethernet NIC Peripheral  1994 
APDL ARCIN v6c IDE Interface Peripheral  1998 
APDL Blitz IdeA Interface Peripheral  1999 
Ape-Face XLP Printer interface Peripheral  1979 
Apex Imager P3 Issue 4 Peripheral  21 Mar 1996 
Apple 1 Released Event  Apr 1976 
Apple Async Printer Interface Card Peripheral  1979 
Apple Communications Interface Card Manual  Unknown 
Apple Fax/Modem Peripheral  Unknown 
Apple Hard Disk 20SC Peripheral  Sep 1986 
Apple iBook G3/300 (Green) Computer  21 Jul 1999 
Apple iBook G3/300 (Orange) Computer  21 Jul 1999 
Apple IEEE-488 Interface Card Peripheral  1980 
Apple II Computer  Jun 1977 
Apple II GS Computer  15 Sep 1986 
Apple II GS for Greengate DS:4 Computer  15 Sep 1986 
Apple II Parallel Interface Card Peripheral  Unknown 
Apple III Diskware Program Software  1981 
Apple iMac G3 M5521 Indigo Computer  2001 
Apple iMac G3/350 (Slot Loading - Blueberry) Computer  5 Oct 1999 
Apple iMac G3/DV (Slot Loading - Dalmation) Computer  5 Oct 1999 
Apple iMac G3/DV (Slot Loading - Graphite) Computer  5 Oct 1999 
Apple launches Macintosh 128K Event  Jan 1984 
Apple Lisa Computer  Jan 1983 
Apple Lisa A6BB101 Parallel interface Peripheral  Unknown 
Apple Lisa Launched Event  19 Jan 1983 
Apple Macintosh IIci Computer  20 Sep 1989 
Apple Macintosh Portable Computer  1 Sep 1989 
Apple Macintosh PowerBook 520C Computer  16 May 1994 
Apple Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs Computer  1995 
Apple Macintosh PowerBook G3 Computer  May 1999 
Apple Macintosh SE Computer  Mar 1987 
Apple Newton Message Pad announced Event  Aug 1993 
Apple Orchard - Winter 1980 - 1981 Magazine  Dec 1980 
Apple Power Macintosh G4 1.42 DP (FW 800) Computer  28 Jan 2003 
Apple Reference, Performance & Learning Expert. Provider Edition, July 1997. Software  Jul 1997 
Apple Reference, Performance & Learning Expert. Provider Edition, March 1997. Software  Mar 1997 
Apple Sync Printer Interface Card Peripheral  1979 
Apricot F10 Computer  1985 
Apricot F2 Computer  1985 
Apricot Portable Computer  Nov 1984 
Apricot XEN-PC Computer  1995 
Apricot XEN-PCm Computer  1995 
Archive - Vol 1, No 5 - February 1988 Magazine  Jan 1988 
Aries-B488 Interface for BBC Micro Peripheral  Unknown 
ART PCMCIA Expansion Card Peripheral  Unknown 
Artwork for the Interface 1 manual by John Harris   Unknown 
Arxe Systems SCSI/HD Floppy Podule Peripheral  1992 
AST 386SX/20 notebook Computer  1991 
AT&T Technical Journal Volume 68 Number 5 - September/October 1989 Manual  Unknown 
Atari 1040STF Computer  1989 
Atari 1040STFM Computer  1989 
Atari 400/800 PC, Computer Chess, Atari 850 interface module manuals Manual  1980 
Atari 520 STFM Computer  1985 
Atari 520 STM Computer  1 Jan 1985 
Atari 520 STM Computer  12 Sep 1986 
Atari 520ST (boxed) + External hard drive + software Computer  1985 
Atari 600XL Computer  Jun 1983 
Atari 65XE Computer  1985 
Atari 800XL Computer  1983 
Atari 850 Interface Module Peripheral  1979 
Atari Mega/STE Computer  1991 
Atari ST Application Programming Book  1987 
Atari TT030 Computer  1990 
Atari User - April 1987 Magazine  Apr 1987 
Atari XEGS Game Console  1987 
ATM Podule NIC Peripheral  1995 
Atomwide / Acorn Ethernet Card - AEH54 Peripheral  Unknown 
Atomwide Ethernet Peripheral  Jan 1991 
Atomwide Ethernet V Peripheral  1992 
Audio Dynamics Dual MIDI Interface DMI 50 Peripheral  1996 
B300 Bi-Directional IEEE 488 Serial Interface Peripheral  Unknown 
Baildon Electronics A3000 IDE Interface Peripheral  Unknown 
Baildon Electronics A3000 IDE Interface V6B Peripheral  Unknown 
BBC Buggy Peripheral  1983 
BBC Interface DCP Bus Expansion Peripheral  1980 
BBC Micro MMC Interface Peripheral  Unknown 
Beaver Control Kit Peripheral  Unknown 

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